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avatar for Firas Gerges

Firas Gerges

New Jersey Institute of Technology
PhD Candidate
New Jersey

Firas Gerges is a Computer Science PhD candidate at the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), working as a research assistant for Dr. Michel Boufadel at the Center for Natural Resources (NJIT). Since Joining the center, his work mainly focuses on community resilience and its quantification, developing a GIS tool to represent said resilience, for communities within new jersey (http://intrinsicresilienceindex.com/). Firas's technical background includes high-level computing, machine learning, data science and database management. Current focus is on transportation resilience as well as taking advantage of big data and machine learning, to help communities better prepare for and respond to disasters.
Monday, March 1

9:00am EST

9:30am EST

11:00am EST

Tuesday, March 2

9:00am EST

9:15am EST

10:30am EST

2:15pm EST

3:30pm EST

5:30pm EST

Wednesday, March 3

1:30pm EST

4:30pm EST

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